Student Projects

Students in BIOL-457/657 create and publish work on our course website. See below for links to their posts by category.


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Discover research about microbial communities present in different environments by exploring these interactive images and links to student posts:

Microbial Community Thinglinks


Learn about the role of microbes in biogeochemical cycles by exploring these interactive graphics and links to student posts:

Biogeochemical Cycling Coggles


Explore creative children’s books, interactive images, and fictional email chains focused on the remediation of environmental pollutants:

Contaminant biodegradation writing projects


Browse scientific journal articles that students have nominated for class discussion. Papers with the most votes were discussed in class.

Biogeochemical cycling papers

Biogeo & wastewater treatment papers

Biodegradation and bioremediation papers

Contaminant biodegradation (round 2) papers