Presley Coryell- intro post


Presley Coryell

Half of your body,

These wee things control the world,

Microbes- everywhere.


I’m a senior bio and physiology student and I plan on eventually going to med school (I’m really interested in preventative medicine, with a focus on how diet impacts   health). Next year I plan on working and travelling, and hopefully getting to shadow some doctors worldwide to get a sense of how medical issues are treated/analyzed in different cultures/societies.

Me and my sis with an iguana in Costa Rica

Hedges Introduction

Hey everyone,

My name is Ben Hedges. My major is Biology with a concentration in Cell and Molecular Biology and a minor in Mathematics. My fun fact is that I am also a part-time SpaceX Fanboy (TM).

My Haiku:

Large and small in scale,

Tectonic range and microbe.

Both move each other.

The idea was that microorganisms are involved in most if not all of the biogeochemical cycling on Earth including stuff like depositing limestone that later becomes a mountain range. Meanwhile, geographical barriers can form that split a taxon into two groups that become sister species. So the cycle continues, large and small pushing each other around.

A1: Intro Post: Bayli Mohl

Hello everyone!

My name is Bayli Mohl and this is my senior year studying biology with a concentration in physiology. My future goals include becoming a physical therapist and traveling the world. I love reading, camping, cross-country skiing, and biking. I am looking forward to learning about biodegradation of wastes and how that may be done in a cost-effective  way so that the technique may reach impoverished countries.

This is a picture of me near Denali National Park.

A Haiku:

Immense universe

A tiny being eating

Such great importance

Intro Sophie Weaver

Hi! My name is Sophie Weaver and I am currently a M.S. student studying stream biogeochemistry. My thesis project is focused on nutrient limitation of stream biofilms (i.e. algae, fungi, microbes), specifically looking at how permafrost thaw and increased nutrient concentrations can impact interactions between algae and heterotrophs in boreal streams! I’m taking this course to learn more about the microorganisms that are present in stream biofilms so I can gain a better understanding of important ecosystem processes (in or outside of streams) like metabolism and denitrification.

haiku –

take a glance around

everything covered in

teeny microbes yikes!

A1 Introduction

Hi! I am Kim Fitzgerald. I am a biology major with a concentration in physiology, and I enjoy learning about how our actions and presence affect our surroundings. My favorite activities include running/skiing/walking, watching the movie Moana,  and I love living in Fairbanks.

Microbes all around
some are visible, some not
we are surrounded

This is a picture of me at Excelsior Geyser Crater in Yellowstone.

Environmental Microbiology Introduction Post


My name is Kirsten, I was born and raised in Alaska with the exception of moving to the Philippines from 2003-2005. This is my 4th year attending UAF and I am majoring in Biology with a concentration in physiology and a minor in Business Management and Organizations. My career goal is to become an Orthodontist with my own practice. Some of my interests include hiking, fishing, working (yes, I know this sounds crazy but I absolutely love working in the dental office) and traveling. Over winter break I got to travel to Hong Kong, Singapore, Phuket,Thailand, Bangkok,Thailand , and Saigon,Vietnam and I really loved getting to see the different lifestyles of people around the world.

My Environmental Microbiology Haiku

Often out of sight

Microbes are everywhere

Constantly working



Assignment 1: Introduction

Hi, my name is Aasne Hoveid. I’m a international student from Norway pursuing a degree in Biological Sciences with a concentration in physiology. I was born into a dog mushing family and so till this day I have a great interest for skijoring and the outdoors.

I am really looking forward to this class!


Organic substance

Broken down into nothing




Assignment 1: Introduction

Hot colors explode

Not from the rainbows or rocks

But microbes within

Grand Prismatic Spring, Midway Geyser, Yellowstone via  Ignacio Palacios  

Hi everyone,

My name is Courtney Hill.

My haiku was written with inspiration from the Grand Prismatic Spring (as pictured above). The bright colors are attributed to extremophile microbes that produce different pigments.

I’m a junior and my major is molecular biology. I am looking forward to this course for two main reasons:

  1. The emphasis on interdisciplinary applications of environmental microbiology. I think it is really cool there is a diverse range in the disciplines of students taking this class. It will be interesting to see ideas in biology from a different perspective.
  2. Promoting science communication through creative writing. I don’t spend a lot of time branching outside of technical writing, but creative writing is great. It is something I would like to dedicate more time to.

I’m always impressed by the wide-reaching impacts microbes have on every facet of life and I’m excited to learn even more.

Assignment A1: Intro post ZS

Over the silent fall

The microbes purge the dead remains

Life comes anew again

Hello, my name is Zachary Snelson (you can call me Zach for short). I have recently graduated in the fall last year with a Bachelor’s of Science and I’m taking this class as a grad level course to help prepare myself for graduate school in the future. My interest is on the ecology of biology, more specifically ecosystem processes. The ecological processes related to insects, plants and fungi are the ones I’m most interested in researching. One of the primary subjects I like to learn about are mycorrhizal associations with plants, and how much of an impact they have on the environment. My interest in microbes first started when I was working with Gary Larsen over an URSA assignment around 2012 and that helped pave the way into majoring biology. I did my capstone on mycorrhizal fungi and how it would affect plants that are treated with fertilizer, and that project got me even more pumped to learn about microbes. On top of that, I also work multiple jobs on campus, such as being a technician at the UA Museum and the Bret-Harte Lab as well as working at the IAB Greenhouse. I hope to broaden my horizons more through taking this class since microbes are the backbone of all ecosystems and have a good time this semester.