A Bioremediation fairy tale

Interested in microbial bioremediation? Want to teach your children about it? You’re in luck! Follow the link here to read a children’s story about a small bacterial population who uses the power of plasmids to remediate their island from petroleum pollution!

Pseudomona and the Tale of Bioremediation follows the story of Psuedomona, the daughter of the leader of a population of bacteria, who must travel a great distance to find Psueodmonas putida, the fabled microbe who eats petroleum. Will they be able to save the island together? Find out here!

The Brothers Microbes: Microbial Fairy Tales

The Earth today is riddled with environmental contaminants. While humans have been figuring out ways to clean up our messes, we are not alone in our efforts. Join us on a journey into a far away land where microbes live! Explore how microbes deal with tasks involving biodegradation of contaminants. Each story below shares a problem and how microbes are able to tackle them. Click on the titles to read.


Lord PAH of Aerobia,  written by Presley Coryell

Aesop’s Butter Battle Book: PCBs The Great Race,  written by Alex Wynne

The Benzene Curse,  written by Sophie Weaver

The Princess and the PCBs,  written by Taylor Seitz




Pollutants We Put into Our Environment

We may not realize how much we change the environment that we live in. People introduce a large amount of waste and pollutants into the world. We all are aware that we produce trash and that it go into the landfills, however have you ever considered how the wastewater that you produce is cleaned and put into the rivers and oceans around you, or how taking medications can introduce new chemicals into the environment? What about how heavy metals produced from factories and petroleum products are dealt with? Below is our interactive and informative thinglink to learn more.

The Clean Up Adventures of Pseuda & Mona


Follow along with Pseuda & Mona as they try to clean up a heating fuel spill in Pseuda’s yard. Pseuda and Mona try several techniques to clean up the mess, but with each technique they learn more about heating fuel, bioremediation techniques, and that there is nothing “simple” about cleaning up an oil spill.

Table of Contents:
pg 2: Meet Pseuda
pg 4: B.TEX
pg 8: Mona to the rescue!
pg 8-10: Soil Excavation – Aasne
pg 12-15: Land farming – Ankur
pg 16-19: Ground water remediation – Tonya
pg 20-21: Phytoremediation – Kim
pg 22-23: Clean & green


This presentation chronicles the response to a jet fuel spill at the Fairbanks International Airport, highlighting elements such as microbial activity and impacts to human health.


Note: For the best experience, please view this presentation in Full Screen mode.




By Karen Biondich, Ben Hedges, Bayli Mohl, Courtney Hill, and Mark Velasco