Contaminants Round 2

The purpose of this paper was to illustrate the effectiveness of anoxic bioremediation of tanker fuel in anoxic marine sediments. The consumption of hydrocarbons and other aromatic compounds is typically an oxic process an is quickly limited as oxygen is consumed as a terminal electron acceptor. After a period of time naturally induced bioremediation ceases, typically around nine weeks. Using a tank modeling anoxic sludge and a Modular Slurry System for aeration, this study continued to process of bioremediation. Not surprisingly samples that were treated with the MSS were substantially closer to the original microbiota as opposed to the samples that were not aerated.

I chose this paper because I thought it would be interesting to find cases of anoxic bioremediation. However most papers were not free and I did not have access to any of them. Ironically the only free paper I could find is misleading because it is aerating anoxic environments. That being said, while this paper does not bring anything crazy to the table, I am a sucker for completion and I appreciated seeing the limitations of current bioremedation methods as well as how we can circumvent them.

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