Assignment A1: Introduction

My name is Patrick Knavel, and I love microbes (And cats)! I have the most perfect, aggressive cat in the world. His name is Sir Pounce-A-Lot, and while he bats at anyone who tries to pet him, he screams at me when I get home until I pick him up and kiss his belly.

I work for the National Park Service in three of Alaska’s National parks: Yukon-Charley national park, Denali National park and Preserve, and Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve – the largest National park in the US! In these parks, I help monitor Peregrine Falcon and small mammal populations, as well as conduct water quality surveys. I’m very excited to learn more about microbes in relation to wildlife populations and their health!

I thought about posting a picture of my cat, but there are too many good ones and I couldn’t decide on a single one, so here’s a picture of me at the top of Mt. Kinabalu in Borneo in November of 2014! My sister and I climbed the mountain together with a mountain guide, and barely survived the odyssey.

A microbial haiku to commemorate our survival of the mountain:


On top Mt. Kinabalu

I thought I would die

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