Assignment A1: Intro Posts

My name is Tonya Bear. I’ve been slowly working towards my graduate degree in Environmental Engineering with a specialty in water and wastewater. By “slowly” I mean that I’m in my 4th (or 5th?) year of actively pursuing a master’s degree. Since I work full-time and also have a three-year old son (took a semester off when he was born), I only have time to take one class a semester. My plan is to graduate this Fall (just need to finish my project!). I received my bachelors degree from UAF in Geological Engineering and I’m currently licensed as a Professional Civil Engineer.

I unfortunately missed the first day of class so I hope my Haiku meets the intent:

Flush the toilet down
Anaerobic septic tank
Anoxic leach field

If you didn’t guess, my project (and career) focus is onsite wastewater disposal systems (i.e. septic systems).

Thanks for reading!

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