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Frozen Deep Beneath

Ancient Microbes Slumber Deep

Waiting To Be Free

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My name is Alex Wynne, I am a senior studying molecular biology. I love Hawaii and all the things you can do there (I was born there; on a coffee farm actually) but seeing that I am here, I lack the colloquial hobbies that should be expected from an Alaskan making me, as a result, rather dull. This is where science comes in; I do not know what I am going to do with my career but flushing out the finer points of reality seems a good a cause as any (plus its pretty exciting). In the past I have researched the interaction between the permafrost gradient and its respective microbial population in response to the changing seasons. Microbes can provide novel solutions to disasters but also cause devastating harm. Understanding how microbes, which interact with everything around-and inside of us, is important. So that is why I am here and I look forward to having class with all of you.

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