Assignment A1: Intro post ZS

Over the silent fall

The microbes purge the dead remains

Life comes anew again

Hello, my name is Zachary Snelson (you can call me Zach for short). I have recently graduated in the fall last year with a Bachelor’s of Science and I’m taking this class as a grad level course to help prepare myself for graduate school in the future. My interest is on the ecology of biology, more specifically ecosystem processes. The ecological processes related to insects, plants and fungi are the ones I’m most interested in researching. One of the primary subjects I like to learn about are mycorrhizal associations with plants, and how much of an impact they have on the environment. My interest in microbes first started when I was working with Gary Larsen over an URSA assignment around 2012 and that helped pave the way into majoring biology. I did my capstone on mycorrhizal fungi and how it would affect plants that are treated with fertilizer, and that project got me even more pumped to learn about microbes. On top of that, I also work multiple jobs on campus, such as being a technician at the UA Museum and the Bret-Harte Lab as well as working at the IAB Greenhouse. I hope to broaden my horizons more through taking this class since microbes are the backbone of all ecosystems and have a good time this semester.

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